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With rich, traditional roots in the food and beverage industry, we have been serving great taste for 70 years. The impeccable knowledge of the consumer market acquired through years and years of hard work along with our lip smacking recipes, are taken forward in a state-of-the-art establishment. This project promises to cater to the culinary aesthetes across the country. Devangi Patankar, the 3rd generation of entrepreneurs, is all set to make Khauwala & Co a household brand! The allure and fascination towards desi snacks have created a huge demand, not just in India but across the globe. The world is re-awakening to the flavouresome diversity that is found in Indian food. Khauwala with its proven quality and delectable range of namkeens is catering to this demand with a premium standard of quality and hygiene.

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The 3rd generation entrepreneur of the Patankar family, Devangi Patankar has had an extremely prolific career. A 3 time Commonwealth Gold Medalist in Chess, Devangi represented India at the International level for over 12 years. After completing her Master’s from one of the top schools in London, UK, she took over the reign of the family’s Event Design and Management business in Pune. Capturing the market with her innovative, experimental traditional events - she ventured into Mumbai and Goa just before the global pandemic hit in 2019. Her efforts were recognised and she was the recipient of the TIMES ‘Emerging Entrepreneurs’ award in 2018. Under her leadership, Patankar Events was declared the Best Traditional Event Management Company by the IPSA (California Survey) in 2018. With the growing demand in the food sector, especially post-pandemic, there is a need for authentic, hygienically packed, tasty Indian snacks. With a promise to reach every Indian household with her new venture Khauwala & Co., she is all set to penetrate the Indian and global market with a wide range of delicious snack options!





With our authentic desi recipes, we know we connect with your taste buds. Your epicurean preferences and your home make us special. Right from accompanying your evenings with namkeens to brightening your celebrations with laddoos, we add all kinds of quintessential Indian zing to your meals. Khauwala is your companion in every mundane and special occasion in your life.

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