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The story of Patankar Khauwale begins with a small store named Patankar & Mandali, founded by Mr. Vasant Patankar on the bustling streets of Bajirao road. The establishment received immense love and reverence as the city bestowed it with a loving term of endearment ‘Khauwale Patankar’. “Khau” is an informal, winsome way of referring to Indian snacks. Since then, Khauwale Patankar has been an integral part of every celebration in Pune. While the city showered Khauwale with its love, Mr. Vasant Patankar’s inclination towards art, literature, and music brought him to support the emerging talents in the city by allowing the ticketing of their concerts and exhibitions free of cost.


Subsequently, it helped him nurture a bond with cultural events in Pune and stalwarts like Mr. P.L. Deshpande, Pt. Abhisheki, Pt. Bhimsen Joshi, Mr. Shriram Lagu, and many more creating an everlasting and timeless bond between the thriving culture of the city and the Khauwale brand. Khauwale became renowned not just as an F&B store but an overarching brand that values traditions, heritage, and the rich cultural diversity that India has to offer in such abundance.

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Thus the legacy created was taken to newer heights by Mr. Ramesh Patankar, the second-generation businessman in the family. Today, ‘Khauwale’ with Mrs. Soniya Patankar at the helm has penetrated through the global market and marked its position as one of the most admirable brands in the food and beverage industry.

In 2014, the Patankars ventured into event designing and management with the sole mission of revolutionizing the way we celebrate our traditional events while keeping the practices closer to our traditional and cultural roots. The Patankars take pride in their approach in organising an event which encourages every guest to participate in the proceedings which makes them feel inclusive, welcomed and cherished - all on the behalf of the clients.

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Consequentially, the Patankar family has imbibed a profound understanding and made a lasting commitment to the idea of celebrating India’s diversity in every way. From the day-to-day to the big occasions, Patankars are omnipresent in today’s dynamic cultural landscape.

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