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Khauwala and Co. is a unique brand that enjoys a 70 year old legacy in food retail, whilst being a contemporary frontrunner in the ever-changing landscape of desi food! The world is reawakening to the flavoursome diversity of our Indian snacks and with a premium standard in hygiene and taste , Khauwala is making sure this snacking revolution starts from your household! Dive in to explore the age old popular recipes of some of India’s most favourite and indespensable snacking products!

With a vision of reaching every corner of the globe , our mission is to make every foodie a true blue lover of Indian snacking!

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When we say authentic taste, we genuinely mean it! Each recipe has been crafted, curated over the years, with painstaking efforts by our founder and partner at Khauwala & Co , Soniya Patankar.  And for over 20 years, these recipes have seen lots of loving feedback and appreciation from Khauwala's band of loyal customers here and across the globe ;  which in turn have made these products lip-smackingly delicious! Khauwala's products therefore are truly bespoke in the truest sense as they have actually been perfected by millions of our "Khau" lovers! 

Take a look at the World of Khauwala... a world that is created as much by us as is by you, our dear customers!

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India has long rich culture of tasty fried treats, tossed and liberally seasoned with spices that are sweet, sour and all kinds of delicious. Scrumptious and addictive, they are appreciated world over for their taste, versatility and the ability to titillate your desi palette! Khauwala & Co. brings a delectable range of namkeen mixtures and chivdas rooted in the exquisite Indian Cuisine which can be enjoyed here and globally!

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These pure ghee Ladoos from our Classic Range are a must-have in every household. No meal time is complete without a small dessert at the end, just like no tea-time feels adequate without a bite-sized Ladoo to accompany the savoury snacks. A household favourite of every Indian, across the globe!

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Our signature, best-selling health range Ladoos are as refined and popular as they are healthy and delicious. With our farm-to-store authentic approach, our products are made with the most premium harvest, ensuring the freshness and taste in every bite. Pop one to fulfil your daily protein & fibre nutrition needs!

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Made fresh with local Indian grains, these Ladoos from the Upwas Range are flavoursome, nutritious as well as Upwas friendly, of course! Excellent snacking option to make your Upwas lip-smackingly delicious!

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Pampering your sweet tooth and yet caring a little extra for your health is what our ‘Without Sugar’ range of Ladoos is all about. Made from the flours of the choicest of grains, the purest of Ghee and sweetened only with dry dates, this whole range is aimed at making sure you enjoy without guilt. Go Indulge!

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Made from the freshest possible flours, rolled in the purest possible Ghee, and powered with the crunchiest of the dry-fruits, this festive range of Ladoos is something no festival can be complete without. Every single Laddoo is a festival unto itself!

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An organic blend of pulses, millets and cereals forms our flavoursome range of Satvas! Our range of non-synthetic, chemical-free and completely natural drink mixes are super addictive and super healthy! These nutritious drink mixes are vegan and Ayurveda Compliant. Rich source of fibre, iron and calcium , they are a perfect daily drink for growing infants,  active kids, working mothers , travelling men and even senior citizens. They constitute the natural nutritional components of the grains and are enriched with different flavours to suit varied type of taste buds!

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Khauwale & Co. has its origins that date back to 70 years. Carefully sifted and grounded flour mixes of top-quality millets are a testament to the knowledge garnered over all these years. These are quintessentially Maharashtrian flour blends. These traditional flour mixes hark back to an era when the produce was rich and abundant, the taste was as lip-smacking as the texture of the mixes was smooth and rich. Straight from the kitchens of Royalty, back then.. and even today.. These recipes and mixes remind you of simpler times with simple but nutritious , sumptuous food!

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One of the most versatile and appetising genres of Indian cuisine are the syrups and concentrated sauces that are concocted in unique combinations, espousing a variety of flavours. They are an excellent addition for your dals and kadhis’s and sambars, you can also add those in your rice’s and biryanis to give it an elevated aroma or heighten the taste of your masalas. They can also come in the form of a welcome drink as a sherbet, or an after-meal drink as a kadha. You can have it as a digestive that you can buy on-the-go.  The best part is that they also have a plethora of health benefits!  Prepared from the fruits and flowers indigenous to our country, they act as a natural health booster. A unique and indispensable gastronomical alchemy of immunity, health and delicacy. 

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Make your travelling a fruity, zesty, energy boosting and refreshingly savoury experience. These staple Indian offerings are delectably rooted in Indian cuisine for its strong flavours, digestive benefits and medicinal uses. Each ingredient on our “On the Go Treats” has holistically positive effects on your body in accordance to Ayurveda. 

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