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Khauwale & Co. has its origins that date back to 70 years. Carefully sifted and grounded flour mixes of top-quality millets are a testament to the knowledge garnered over all these years. These are quintessentially Maharashtrian flour blends. These traditional flour mixes hark back to an era when the produce was rich and abundant, the taste was as lip-smacking as the texture of the mixes was smooth and rich. Straight from the kitchens of Royalty, back then.. and even today.. These recipes and mixes remind you of simpler times with simple but nutritious , sumptuous food!

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Upwas Bhajani

200 gm / 400 gm 

Asset 6.jpg

Rice Flour (Tandul Pithi)

200 gm / 400 gm 

Asset 4.jpg

Thalipith Bhajani

200 gm / 400 gm 

Asset 7.jpg

Wheat Flour (Gahu Pith)

1 kg / 2 kg

Asset 5.jpg

Upwas Puri Flour/Pith

200 gm / 400 gm 

Asset 8.jpg

Anarsa Pith 

200 gm / 500 gm

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