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Syrups / Sauces / Digestive

One of the most versatile and appetising genres of Indian cuisine are the syrups and concentrated sauces that are concocted in unique combinations, espousing a variety of flavours. They are an excellent addition for your dals and kadhis’s and sambars, you can also add those in your rice’s and biryanis to give it an elevated aroma or heighten the taste of your masalas. They can also come in the form of a welcome drink as a sherbet, or an after-meal drink as a kadha. You can have it as a digestive that you can buy on-the-go.  The best part is that they also have a plethora of health benefits!  Prepared from the fruits and flowers indigenous to our country, they act as a natural health booster. A unique and indispensable gastronomical alchemy of immunity, health and delicacy.

Syrups _ Sauces Digestives-04.jpeg
Asset 2.jpg

Tamarind Sauce

(Chincha Sauce)

500 ml

Asset 5.jpg

Kokum Syrup

500 ml/ 1000 ml

Asset 3.jpg

Ginger Lemon Digestive (Ala Limbu Pachak)

200 ml

Asset 6.jpg

Kokum Syrup

(Without Sugar)

500 ml/ 1000 ml

Asset 8.jpg

Gooseberry Syrup

(Without Sugar) (Awla Syrup) 

Asset 9.jpg

Gooseberry Syrup

(Awla Syrup) 

500 ml/ 1000 ml

Asset 4.jpg

Coming Soon

Kesar Cardamom Syrup (Kesar Velchi Syrup)


Asset 7.jpg

Raw Mango Syrup

(Kairi Panha)

500 ml/ 1000 ml

500 ml/ 1000 ml

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